• Column Form
       • Double Sided Wallform
       • Single Sided Wallform
       • Minimal Manpower: Only 3-4 skilled workers are needed for assembly.
       • Ease of transfer: Assembled formworks can moved to another location 
          without totally disassembling the whole formworks.
       • Versatile: Panels are adjustable and can conform to various types of columns,     
          minimizing the kinds & sizes of panels to maintain.
       • Reduced after treatment work: Concrete will be casted on a perfect surface,     
          minimizing concrete finishing work.
Fastener Accessories
Column Coupler
Standard Clamp
Alignment Coupler
Facilitate Accessories
Chamfer Strip
Crane Hook
Push Pull Prop
Rebar Regulator
Wheel Caster
Working Platform
Wall Solution Components
Internal Corner
No External Corner Design
Articulated Corner
Infill Material Connector
Infill Clamp
Supporter Connector
Waler Clamp
 Single Side Supporter
Column Form 1
Column Form 2
Column Form 3
Column Form 4
Column Form 5
Column Form 6
Column Form 7




Wall Form 1
Wall Form 2
Wall Form 3
Wall Form 4
Wall Form 5
Wall Form 6
Wall Form 7